People’s Hi Shine, 25% Floor Wax

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Hi-Shine 25% Acrylic Polymer Floor Finish

Elevate your floor care routine with Hi-Shine 25% Acrylic Polymer Floor Finish, a high solids, metal-crosslinked, modified acrylic floor finish designed to provide an exceptional gloss and durability. Ideal for both new and existing floors, this finish offers superior response to high-speed burnishing and can be easily maintained with either low-speed or infrequent high-speed programs. Whether you're dealing with high traffic areas or simply want to keep your floors looking their best with minimal effort, Hi-Shine 25% delivers outstanding results.

Key Features:

Outstanding Durability & Gloss Retention: Maintains a high shine with minimal maintenance.
Modified Acrylic Polymers: Ensures a smooth and even application.
Superior Leveling: Achieves an even finish across the floor.
Reduced Sensitivity to Application Conditions: Works well in various ambient conditions without powdering or dusting.
Excellent Burnish Response: No powdering or dusting, even with high-speed buffing.
Cost-Efficient: Decreases labor costs by reducing the frequency of buffing, burnishing, recoating, and stripping.
Typical Properties:

Specific Gravity: 1.04
Solids: 25%
pH: 8.5
James Static Coefficient of Friction: 0.6
Leveling: Excellent
Film Formation: Excellent
Gloss: Excellent
Water Resistance: Excellent
Detergent Resistance: Excellent
Removability: Excellent
Black Heel Mark Resistance: Excellent
Odor: Mild acrylic
Appearance: White emulsion
Use Directions:

Strip the floor thoroughly with a suitable stripper.
Rinse the floor with clean water.
(Optional) Apply a sealer base to worn or high-traffic floors.
Apply 2-4 thin, uniform coats of Hi-Shine 25%, allowing each coat to dry thoroughly.

Sweep as necessary.
Damp mop or scrub lightly with a mild, neutral detergent.
Spray buff or lightly buff with an appropriate pad.
Recoat worn spots in high-traffic areas as needed.
Safety Cautions:

Keep out of reach of children.
Use protective gloves and safety glasses.
Ensure adequate ventilation.
Refer to the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for additional information.
Purchase Information:
Sold by People's Janitorial Supply
P.O. BOX 68, Forest Park, GA 30298
Phone: 404-363-2226 | Fax: 404-363-3380

Ensure your floors shine brilliantly with Hi-Shine 25% Acrylic Polymer Floor Finish, your reliable solution for durable, glossy floors with minimal maintenance.

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